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Complete mobile experience

  • Business strategy
  • We always start with a thorough analysis. We need to make sure that we understand your business idea and that your app will be tailored to the needs of its future users.

  • Beautiful design
  • It is very difficult to fit big projects into little screens but we know exactly how to do it. We use Google’s Material Design and Apple’s Human Interface, making your app a real piece of mobile art.

  • Universal interface
  • Our UX/UI designers are always ready to create intuitive and universal interfaces. Your new app will look great on every smartphone and tablet, regardless of its brand and screen size.

  • Native technologies
  • You want your app’s performance to be flawless. To make use of the full power of modern mobile devices, we develop native iOS and Android products – not half-measure hybrid apps.

  • Quality assurance
  • Before you show your app to the world, we make sure that it is free of bugs. In our teams we have experienced QA specialists who perform both manual and automatic tests.
Doctors Pool BD

Doctors Pool BD

By using this app volunteer doctors can organize their off time to serve people through Telemedicine ..


National Apprenticeship Management System

Bangladesh Apprenticeships Management System (BAMS) will conduct core business of making payments to employers and apprentices under the Bangladesh Apprenticeships Programme and the Government’s new Trade Support. Importantly, network providers are also expected to engage regularly with employers and apprentices to track their progress and to engage face-to-face when important milestones arise or there are issues of concern. An opportunity will be given to network providers to offer innovative solutions to make the connection between employers and aspiring apprentices and trainees.

Entrepreneur'S APP

Digital Center Entrepreneur

This App helps Digital Center Entrepreneur daily activity.


LGED Project Monitoring APP

The Government of Bangladesh has a vision of reforming through use of technology to enable efficient rendering of services and to allow accessibility of these services to the citizens. As part of this, LGED has taken an initiative to automate the daily manual activities of offices by developing “LGED Project Monitoring App”, a mobile based application which will enhance efficiency of work and ensure transparency and accountability. This App helps LGED to collect real time pictures and videos of different projects. By using this app, LGED can monitor actual status and progress of any project during field visit. After analyzing the captured pictures and videos, LGED can take crucial decision regarding actual progress and estimated deadline of any project.


Multimedia Classroom Monitoring System

"Multimedia Classroom Monitoring App" is a joint initiative of "Prime Minster's office's Access to Information (a2i)", "Ministry of Education" and "Ministry of Primary & Mass Education" of Bangladesh. It's primary goal is to ensure the proper use of multimedia in the study materials in primary, secondary and higher secondary level of education. Now around 25000 multimedia enabled classroom across the country can be monitored conveniently using this app.


Open Market Sales Monitoring System

"Open Market Sales Monitoring System", The easiest way to plan dealer location. Dealer can login and take photo/video during sale period. Ministry of Food can track truck location using this App.


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